Tailgating Essentials

Tailgating essentials are ideal for making sure that your tailgating experience is one to remember. Also, having the right items on hand will make the entire day more convenient. Let us here at Ray Laks Honda give you a list of some of the tailgating essentials you should fill your vehicle up with.
  • Don't bring too large of a grill with you. This often takes up the most space and you really don't need anything too large. Something small is all you need in order to grill up some hot dogs or hamburgers.
  • A fire extinguisher is necessary…
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Learning the Basics for Applying Touch Up Paint to the Car Exterior

Our crew here at Ray Laks Honda want to help inform our audience to how to touch up any chips on the exterior paint on their vehicle.

Wet a small clean cloth with a soapy water mix, rub in circle to get any dirt out of the inside of the chip on the car exterior. Place a dab of polishing compound on the chip, rub with the cloth in an effort to soften the edge of the paint.

The tiny brush in the bottle of touch up paint will work on most chips, but if the hole is too small…
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Why you should choose a hatchback

When you are tooling around Orchard Park on your daily commute or when you are running errands, you might notice that there are more cars that qualify as hatchbacks than ever before. It turns out this isn't an accident.

One of the big reasons why people are choosing hatchbacks over sedans these days is because they are quite a bit more adaptable, especially when talking about needing more space for something. You can usually fold down rear cars in the back in order to get more storage space.

There is also the very real point that hatchbacks these days…
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The Off-Road Capabilities of an SUV

When the time comes for you to buy a new vehicle, it is crucial that research is done beforehand. We are here to help with that by providing some information on the SUV to help you make a final decision.

In terms of off-road capabilities, the SUVs are already known for being superior. However, it is not just because of their transmissions and differentials like so many people believe. It is also because of their underbody protection via skidplates and other features such as hill descent control and low range. With fenders shaped for long suspension travel and hoods angled…

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The Fun Times Ahead Playing Roadtrip Games with the Kids

Take a road trip with the kids this year and you'll be able to keep them busy when you get them excited about some of these games.

With the License Plate Game, kids get a sheet with states on it and have to be on the hunt for cars driving by with those states on them. If they see a state on a plate, they have to yell it out before the others to get the point. After a set time, the most states simply wins the prize.

With 20 Questions, one person decides on an item and keeps…
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Why You Should Use Clay When You Detail Your Vehicle

If you own a vehicle, routine services will keep the engine in optimal condition, but the outside should also be maintained. You can keep the surface of your vehicle vibrant by washing it regularly and detailing it with clay.

Why use clay? Contaminants, such as brake dust, bug residue, and tar, can stick to the surface of your car. Unfortunately, washing won’t remove all of these contaminants, which is why you may notice a thin film of residue after you wash your vehicle. If you use clay when you detail your car, it will effectively remove all the contaminants…

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When Detailing, Don’t Overlook Your Car’s Interior!

Having a clean, great-looking vehicle doesn’t stop with the exterior. Paying equal attention to the dash, console, seats and flooring completes the package and gives you an eye-catching vehicle that you’ll be proud to show off. Below are few tips to keep in mind when it comes to keeping your vehicle’s interior in passenger-ready condition.

As with most cleaning tasks, it’s important to pay attention to detail when tidying up your vehicle. Moving the seats to get at hard-to-reach dirt and wiping down hard surfaces with a cleaning solution are great ways to start off. Using…

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Exceptional Used Cars in Orchard Park, NY, at Ray Laks Honda

Are you looking to maximize your budget with your next vehicle purchase? Here at Ray Laks Honda, we may have just what you need while shopping for your next vehicle! From used cars and SUVs to used trucks and more, our used inventory provides an astounding selection of vehicles that you can sort through that offer trustworthy and affordable options. They get meticulously inspected before getting placed on our lot so that they can give you many miles of secure travel...

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Explore New Honda Vehicles at Our Honda Dealership in Orchard Park, NY!

Has the time come to acquire a new car? Is it an agile commuter that you’re looking to lease or buy or perhaps a truck that you can put to work? Maybe it is a spacious SUV so that you can bring your family and friends along for the ride. The possibilities in our new Honda inventory at Ray Laks Honda are tremendous. Whether you want to experience tech-savvy features and luxurious interiors crafted with premium materials, or cutting-edge safety and security amenities, the vehicles that make up the Honda lineup are astonishing...

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What to Know About Your Transmission

A vehicle's transmission is what helps deliver power from the engine to the wheels. If a vehicle has an automatic transmission, the vehicle itself will change gears as necessary. Ideally, an individual will change the fluid inside of that transmission as required by the manufacturer. This interval could be measured in years or in miles driven.

If a vehicle has a manual transmission, the driver is responsible for shifting the gears. Gears should be lubricated on a regular basis to prevent them from wearing out too early. Those who drive more frequently or who tend to grind...


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