Regularly scheduled maintenance and on-time repairs help prolong your vehicle's life and ensure it performs at the high levels you expect. Still, it's not always the most enjoyable thing to pay for, and Ray Laks Honda recognizes that. That's why we encourage you to take advantage of our service financing option, giving you flexibility in how you pay for auto care through our professional Honda Service Center.

Why Choose Service Financing near Buffalo?

Service financing at Ray Laks Honda makes it easier to pay for expensive automotive repairs and maintenance by allowing you to pay us back over time rather than spending a large chunk of change at once. Like buying a new car, we'll work with you to get rates and options that fit your budget so that you can focus more on giving your car the love it requires and deserves. There's even a chance you get 0% financing depending on your unique situation, making it even easier to pay back your service bill.

Service Financing is Quick and Easy

We understand that you have a busy life with other expenses and responsibilities, which is why we strive to make service financing a quick, stress-free process. Applying for service financing only takes about 30 seconds, and 90% of our customers get approved. And the best part is that there aren't hard credit checks, fees, or penalties when taking advantage of this financing offer. Service financing is designed with you in mind, and we hope you'll consider utilizing this excellent program.

Make Your Next Service Appointment and Get Service Financing Today

If it's time to stop by our Honda Service Center, make your next appointment online today. And be sure to ask our team about your service financing options and how you can pay back your shop bill over time.

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