The new Honda HR-V is a popular subcompact SUV as it appeals to a wide demographic of people. This subcompact vehicle is modern, full of style and eclectic in its actions. The Touring, EX and EX-L are some of the available trims, and it possesses a 141-horsepower engine.

The interior setting of this amazing vehicle is practical and ergonomic. All of the necessary controls are available and are located in arm's reach of the driver. The new HR-V's driver display has life-like graphics and is full of valuable information. Located in the center dash is a 7.0-inch multimedia display. You can access certain applications or select specific settings. You and your four passengers will be seated on leather-trimmed fabric. Thanks to Bluetooth connectivity, hands-free function will help the driver stay focused on the highway.

The only thing that's left to say is that you should visit our showroom for more details.


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