Whether winter sparks joy or dread in you, one thing is common among all drivers this time of year: scheduling winter service is the key to a smoother, safer ride. Your vehicle needs a little extra attention during winter because between harsh driving conditions and plummeting temperatures, your car has to put up with a lot and soldier through more obstacles than it does during milder seasons. Luckily, we've seen what winter in Orchard Park, NY can do, and we're prepared to help you whip your car into shape here at our service center.

Ready to get your Honda vehicle ready for whatever winter has in store? Here are a few of our top winterization tips to help you prepare your vehicle for harsh winter weather!

Oil Change

Oil changes are important during any time of year, but we stress scheduling an oil change going into winter because of the extra risks that can come with experiencing a vehicle breakdown this time of year. Your engine needs plenty of fresh, clean oil to operate smoothly and efficiently, so it's important to stay on top of oil changes.

Anything that reduces the risk of a breakdown in freezing weather is high on our list of priorities, so you can count on us to tackle your car's oil change needs.

Winter Tires

Now is the perfect time to schedule a tire change to get your car fitted with winter tires. If you don't have a set yet, we can help you find an affordable price on winter tires perfectly suited for your vehicle.

Why bother with a tire change? Winter tires offer better traction in cold weather because they're made of a special rubber compound that is more flexible in cold weather and they have deeper, wider tread patterns that make them ideal for slashing through slippery snow and sleet.

Wipers and Fluids

A sizable part of the battle of winter driving in the Buffalo area is keeping your windshield clear, which is why it's imperative to make sure that your windshield wipers are in good shape. Wiper blades wear down over time, and the worst time to discover that they're too worn to function properly is when you're out on the road and the most in need of them.

If you need new wiper blades, you can find replacements here at our parts center.

We also recommend topping off your washer fluid so that you're prepared for whatever winter decides to throw at your windshield.


Maintaining your car's braking power is always crucial, but it's even more important during winter when stopping is more of a challenge than usual. Fortunately, our Honda experts are here to inspect, service, and repair your brakes near West Seneca so that you can enjoy a safer driving experience.

If your brake pads are worn down or you've noticed symptoms like noisy brakes or a spongy brake pedal, we encourage you to make an appointment with us right away.

Heating and Cooling

We maintain that the worst time to find out that your heating system isn't functioning properly is when it's bitter cold outside and touching the steering wheel is enough to sap the warmth from you. So, we recommend checking your heating and cooling systems and scheduling an appointment with us so that we can solve any problems that might be uncomfortable for you later as the weather grows colder in the Cheektowaga area.

If you need heating or cooling system repair, we're here for you.

Schedule Service Today

Please don't hesitate to schedule winter service here at our Honda dealership serving Hamburg, NY. We offer a wide range of services as well as service specials and parts coupons to help you save.

We look forward to helping you prepare your car for winter!

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