Different Types of Winter Tires

Winter tires or snow tires generally fit into one of three different performance categories. You need to know the differences between them if you want to buy the best tires for your vehicle the next time you face a harsh winter.

Studdable Winter Tires

These tires are designed to accept optional metal studs that improve your traction on icy roads. They will work just fine without the studs, and they will still be better than standard tires when you drive through snow, but the studs will greatly improve your vehicle's performance on icy roads. They can do some damage to roads, so many states restrict them to winter use if they don't ban them altogether.

Studless Winter Tires

Studless winter tires are designed to provide similar traction to studded tires. The biggest difference is that since they lack the studs, they aren't nearly as hard on asphalt roads. It's been said that they make driving through snow feel like driving through rain.

Performance Winter Tires

Performance winter tires won't provide as much traction on icy or snowy roads as other winter tires, but they will allow you to drive faster and are better for driving on an open road. They are perfect for milder winters when you want some added traction without sacrificing speed.

If you have any additional questions about these tire options or if you would like to have them installed on your vehicle, contact Ray Laks Honda today.



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