How to Avoid Trouble When Towing Anything Behind Your Vehicle

The crew working here at Ray Laks Honda wanted to give you tips what to avoid when towing anything with your vehicle.

Don't forget to purchase blind-spot mirrors to stick on your side mirrors and help improve your visibility.

Never assume the tires on the trailer are secure. It takes a few minutes to grab a lug wrench and tighten the lugs so there is no chance the tire will come off on the road and cause you to lose control of the vehicle and the load.

Don't forget to take a few seconds after the wire harness is connected to see if all the trailer lights are working. Simply have someone stand behind the trailer to see if they can tell when the turn signals, brake lights, and all parking lights, are working.

Keep your vehicle in the best possible shape for towing by visiting Ray Laks Honda for a full inspection today.



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